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Quest Academy offers programs for students in grades 6 through 12. Our online courses offer students the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, at any pace.

We provide classes for new course work, effective alternative education for at-risk children, credit recovery to keep students on track for graduation, as well as accelerated and remedial courses to meet studentsí individual needs.

To speak with someone about a course and/or register please call Carolyn Buffaloe at 252-257-3184 or Dr. Linda Mason at 252-257-3184 .

Listed below are our course offerings.

High School Courses

Language Arts

Beginning Composition
Conversation English: Everyday English Conversation English: Explore Your World

English 9A
English 9B
English 10A
English 10B
English 11A
English 11B
English 12a
English 12b
Reading Comprehension
World Literature


Algebra 1A
Algebra 1B
Algebra 2A
Algebra 2B
Business and Consumer Math
Essential Math
Geometry 1A
Geometry 1B
Math Skills Review
Pre-Algebra 1A
Pre-Algebra 1B
Precalculus 1A
Precalculus 1B


Biology 1A
Biology 1B
Chemistry 1A
Chemistry 1B
Earth Science
Health Science 1A
Health Science 1B
Life Science - Oceanography
Physical Science 1A
Physical Science 1B
Physics 1A
Physics 1B

Social Studies

American Government
American History 1A
American History 1B
World Civilizations 1A
World Civilizations 1B

World Languages

French 1
French 2
French 3
Spanish 1A
Spanish 1B
Spanish 2A
Spanish 2B
Spanish 3
Spanish 4


3D Animation
Study Skills
Web Design
Art Appreciation
Business Communications
Business and Personal Protocol

Career Planning
Digital Photography
Digital Video Production
Flash Animation

Game Design

Introduction to Technology
Java Scripting
Programming 1
Programming 2

Middle School Courses

Language Arts

Language Arts 6th Grade
Language Arts 7th Grade
Language Arts 8th Grade


Math 6th Grade
Math 7th Grade
Math 8th Grade


Science 6th Grade
Science 7th Grade
Science 8th Grade

Social Studies

Social Studies 6th Grade
Social Studies 7th Grade
Social Studies 8th Grade

World Language

Spanish 1
Spanish 2
French 1
French 2


Computer Fundamentals
Digital Photography
Web Design
Health/PE 6
Health/PE 7
Health/PE 8
Art Appreciation 6
Art Appreciation 7
Art Appreciation 8
Career Explorations

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